Güssing Renewable Energy is a cosmopolitical managed enterprise aiming at the global market, offering customized instantly usable CO2-neutral solutions all over the world to usher the way from the present-day CO2 society to a post-CO2 society.

Post-CO2 society

The fundamental business model of Güssing Renewable Energy is the provision of communities with energy, thereby aiming at the creation of energy self-sufficiency and safety as well of jobs through new business establishments.

We assist communities in producing reliable energy of certifiable quality from locally and regionally available renewable resources. This way, capital flows remain in the region where they serve as catalysts for a positive economic trend, promote major communal developments and improve the residents´ quality of life.

Güssing Renewable Energy provides the planning, design, construction, operation and sale of customized, highly efficient and reliable CO2-neutral solutions for MultiFunctional EnergySystems (MFES) from renewable energy, with an Integrated Resources Management (IRM) for all communities, business enterprises, industries and households which have a need for a self-sufficient, sustainable energy production with CO2 neutrality.

For attaining this, various technologies from Güssing Renewable Energy and international technology partners are used. GRE develops the organizational structure of franchise and license models (Right to Use, Right to Modify, Right to Build) on a client-specific and request-oriented basis and offers training for technical staff.


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All Güssing Renewable Energy solutions rely on the principle of Carbon Recycling®. Biomass growth is an original and natural form of CO2 storage.

The energetic exploitation of biomass is CO2-neutral, because the CO2 thus released was stored in the biomass during growth and is refed to the growth cycle.



According to the GRE technology, the sustainable feedstock is not used for combustion but for gas generation. The gas produced can be used for the generation of power or heat, or further refined to fuels (BioSNG, hydrogen, synthetic fuels, e.g., bio aircraft fuel).

The resulting, drastically reduced quantity of CO2 produced, provides tradeable emission permits. They present a valuable profitability factor, for their sale procures revenue to their owners.


As part of the model region “ökoEnergieland” (Eco-Energyland) Güssing, we are operating demonstrational plants of system relevance in Güssing and Heiligenkreuz (Burgenland, Austria) which meet the energy supply of a whole region.

With equity only, Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH (GREG) was established in 2009 by experienced eco-visionaries and international entrepreneurs. GREG has its head office at the Technologiezentrum Güssing (Güssing Technology Center), Burgenland, Austria.

There exist subsidiary companies in Bangkok, Thailand (GRETHA), Laguna Beach, USA, and Victoria, Canada (GREA), as well as Belgrade, Serbia, (PAN NON OIL). The integration of all corporations into the GRE.AT Holding AG is about to take place.

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